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20 nieuwe namen voor Ieper Hardcore Fest

23 feb 2018 – Seppe Van Ael – Nieuws

Ieper Hardcore Fest kondigde onlangs hun eerste reeks namen aan waaronder Comeback Kid en Converge. Nu kwam het festival aanzetten met nog eens 20 nieuwe namen:

AGATHOCLES **Belgium’s mincecore godfathers, back for their 2nd performance

AGROTOXICO Brazil hardcore/punk band celebrating its 25 year anniversary

The ARSON PROJECT Swedish grinding death metal hitting the road together with HEXIS

BROKEN TEETH   Manchester hardcore that amazed many on this year’s Persistence tour

CARNIFEX US tech melodic death metal back in Flanders’ fields

COCKNEY REJECTS First time ever at Ieperfest for these UK oi/punk pioneers

COUNTERPARTS Melodic Canadian hardcore as seen on tour with ARCHITECTS just recently

CROWSVIEW Brand new H8000 metalcore act influenced by SLAYER, ARKANGEL and MORNING AGAIN

**JASTA **Jamey HATEBREED’s other band, first Ieperfest appearance

**JUKAI **Heavy ‘n metallic New Yorkers that remind of ACME, BLOODLET & INDECISION

LENG TCH'E Belgian razor edge grind metal for fans of NASUM and DYING FETUS

MALEVOLENCE  UK’s top band mixing the best of metalcore and doom metal

RAVAGE RITUAL H8000 sound all the way from Finland. Fans of INTEGRITY, CONGRESS and RINGWORM take note

ROTTEN SOUND All the way from Finland, finally at Ieperfest to celebrate 25 years of grindcore and chaos

SHELTER Headlining the fest on Friday, first time ever at Ieperfest! Just a handful EU shows in 2018.

SLANDER Upcoming Italian hardcore act; mean, fast & furious!

SWORN ENEMY  US metallic hardcore back on the map with a special 15 years “As Real As It Gets” set

UNION 13 Straight ahead Los Angeles singalong punkrock

VONNIS Gent based blackened power violence crust on Consouling records

WALK THE PLANK Washington DC melodic hardcore punk with a message